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Gadgets Zone is a local computer repair company servicing the areas from Harare in Zimbabwe. For many of us our computers are an essential part of day to day life. Waiting a week for a computer technician to come visit after a computer problem can cause serious complications for work, school or personal communications. That’s where Gadgets Zone comes in. We know what you’re doing is important and we’re here to help you get back to it right away.

We’ll get a computer technician out to you at the time that works for you – not a week later. We’re quick, efficient, and we get the job done without a fuss so you can get back to the important things. For those looking to learn more about their computers, Gadgets Zone also offers one-on-one instruction. Whether it’s your first time turning a computer on or there’s something specific you’d like to know, such as Cloud Computing or Microsoft Office 365, we’ll have an expert computer technician available to teach you.

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